Condiment Packet Piercer

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Promotional and Marketing

First off, you’re going to need a sales pitch and a laptop computer with wireless connection to the internet to take orders on the road. Your account name is your username, you can make up your own password.

Interduce yourself to the store owner or person in charge of purchasing not a staff member.
If the owner is not in leave your business card and some sales material. Ask when is a good time to speak with the owner. Go back even if they don’t call you. They may have forgotten to call you.

Show them the video of how it works from our website on your smart phone. www.cppiisa.com 

Interduce yourself.

Hello, my name is_________________ . I’m a sales agent for CPPI Inc. I’m here to introduce a new revolutionary innovative consumer product. If I could have a few moments of your time, I would be glad to demonstrate it for you.

Use a sample condiment piercer to demonstrate to the business owner. Be sure to show him the, Your Logo Here. Explain we can order custom printing on the back besides our counter top point of sale displays. Let them know that the custom logo orders come with a display box. Their business name and phone number and we deliver message can be printed on he back.
Use a store napkin to squeeze the contents of the packet out on. If you haven’t done so already watch the How It Works video. Have the store owner view the How It Works video,




Finding sales leads.

Google will be your main source of finding sales lead’s.

First search for Chinese takeout restaurants. Near you. There a good source for sales.

Local deli’s, consumer product sales stores.

Type in search phrase sale’s Leed’s in Google.

Buy a list of consumer products purchasing agents for supermarkets / house wares stores.

Try to contact purchasing agents for large food chains.

Dollar and 99 cent stores.

Discount stores.

Make copies of your sales material and mail them out to prospective buyers.

The more you sell the more you earn.

Front view
Side view
Back view

Should you have any questions or would like to place an order please don’t hesitate to me at.